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so every year my sister’s family and I try to come up with some creative thing to do for their family Holiday card. and..every year it gets harder and harder to “top” the previous years. (see last years here ) ON TOP OF THAT, the kids, all 6 of them are growing and spreading out further on their own, making it harder to get them together. Some live out of state, some work, some are in college, a few still at home. This year, we had about a 1 hour time frame by the time they got home and by the time the sun set. ADD TO IT, it was freeezing cold,and it starting snowing like a blizzard!! OOOOOH what fun it is… hahaha!!

This year, we decided to go for the whole PEACE, LOVE, JOY/Happiness thing. We’ve done alot of jumping shots – at the beach – we alllways do some sort of group jump – its like tradition and we all swore we had done one for a card, but nope…so we just had to throw it into a card! (arent they amazing jumpers?? !!!)
The peace thing was inspired by some shots i had seen done with fingers, but wanted to incorporate their faces somehow, so i used a fisheye lens and they figured out how to come up with the peace symbol. and love -well, its not hard when you have that much love in your fam.

~much love to you all.



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Lindsay Ooh. Love it. So creative. What a great idea! And I remember the rain boot shot from last year. Love that one too. Nice work.

deb OH MY GOSH kath…these are so darn brilliant. love, love, love. i can’t say it enough!

Lisa Lacroix What a wonderful idea and beautiful family. Everyone must love getting their Christmas card!

Prema Buck Fantastic!

Beth I remember seeing last years card too – it was wonderful. This is so creative and fun – LOVE it!

Heather Mitchell This is sooooo good! Next year will be hard to top!

Carrie Farmerie I love this family!!! Oh and your work too!

Kimberly Maes Wow! I love this! You are an inspiration. I love your work!

Heather Starr Oh Kathy! So cool! Great job!

Shari Barnes LOVE that last one!!! I like them all… but the last is my fav!

Debra Klawetter Kathy, these rock! You are so creative! I’ll be sure to tune in to see next year’s masterpiece!

Dusty Cassidy Kathy, I always think you have out-done yourself… and then you go and do it again! LOVE THESE!! Your sister’s family is TOO cute. (You can hardly tell your sister apart from your nieces!!) These are awesome pictures!!!

Lisa Just fantastic!!! Brilliant colors in the clothing! Love the last one the best! Your family is lucky to have you as their photographer! Such a perfect Christmas card!!!

elizabeth I adore these.. these are amazing and that last shot.. OMG

Daniela LOVE the peace photo with all the colours and cool bracelets. They have the coolest aunt….I hope they realize that! Love the jumping shot in the snow as well.

Stephanie M Absolutely Marvelous! Love them all.

Ro that is ridiculous-ly AWESOME – you are brilliant


Terrilyn OK Kathy, this could not be any more perfect! Wow!! You are so stinking creative girl!!!

Captured by Jess Brilliant, fabulous, etc…
How do you do it!?!

Kathy Wolfe thank you so much!!!!

jen wilson Kathy – That is the coolest Xmas card I’ve seen in forever!!!! I LOVE it!

jen 🙂

jen just love it. wish it were my family’s pose for our card!

Mary Harper As my daughter would say…OMW! Those are fabulous! The colors….brilliant! The peace sign …super creative and that jump…It was a rainbow of coolness! LOVE IT!!! 🙂

CarmenM What a cool card! Just looked at all the latests posts and wow! Love your stuff.
Happy New Year!

Nichol Krupp Awesome AWESOME photo. So so cool. Okay I want to commission you to do ours next year. LOL!

Jennifer Urbin Photography Kathy I just wanted to tell you that I love your work. This post is A-mazing. Totally creative…with the peace sign. So much fun and the energy….I swear I can almost hear them all cracking up as they are jumping in the air. Fantastic!

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