i am grateful

i’ve neglected my blog again..yikes! I’m so grateful for my wonderful clients keeping me busy! and these dreary rainy wet days that make me work my camera hard – hahaha! I’m grateful for so many things this year -the list it too long.. i get to witness first hand families joining together and making memories capturing moments/times and i cant tell you enough how grateful i am for that.
As with so many people I am especially grateful for my family especially- My boys.
My boys.
They unwillingly allowed me a few days ago to attempt to get some images of them together. Now, I remind you, I have to bribe both of them. Pay them either monetarily or with toys of some sort. Either one is willing while the other is not.
So, my first feat was to get a repeat image of one i took 2 years ago. I attempted, and failed last year to do this… They left mad, I left crying. I swore it was impossible to repeat and swore i would not try it. However, I want to do this for a long time… take the same “similar” image to show how they are growing. May be silly. but well….

I shot oh – 100 frames. got 1.
1 is all i need. I’m happy 🙂

this is the shot 2 years ago.
and the new one a bit different
so, i thought i was on a roll!!
I can possibly, yes, get a Christmas Card pic now! woo hoo.
UMMMM… no. The goofballs came out…
and the rest is history!

HAVE A GREAT GREAT GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Dusty Oh, I have goosebumps! Love the retry on the first pic. It was always one of my favorites of yours anyway.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Live it up, sister!!!

PattiS What cute guys you have!

PamN You have gorgeous kids, goofballs or not – and how great that you got it after all! It looks SO GOOD!

trace I love your older son’s eyes. They speak volumes.

Lisa Great pics, Kathy!!! Love when you post your boys! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Amanda K Omg they have both grown up so much! LOVE the photos, and I LOVE that last one especially. You should totally use it for your card!!

elizabeth wow they have really grown huh.. beautiful boys you have wonderful images.. I like them all but the goofball ones the best.. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving

beth yes, but you shouldn’t forget them as goofballs either ;). I love the last one!!

Mary Harper That first pic is AMAZING! Gorgeous boys. That last goofball pic is super. The perfect Christmas Card Pic. It speaks of love and laughter.

Lisa Kelly Gorgeous, definitely worth the tears and heartache, haha. I love your idea of taking the same pic each yar to show growth.

Aric Hoek Love the Black and White work.

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