Fun Pittsburgh Family | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Family Photography

This is one of those families you just click with. I’ve been photographing them for several years now, and from the very first session we had, there was a connection. We just got each other. It happens with alot of the families I photograph, we just feel at ease with each other. This family though, is so completely dedicated to my photography and I honestly cant explain how great that makes me feel. When I first started my business, there werent alot of choices. Me and a handful of other people did this sort of “out of box” non Olan Mills type work. But now, every other door has a sign hanging over it and its tough to complete. I dont have to with this family. Maybe thats what makes its so great with them, with so many of my clients. Those ones that know me personally and know that All i really seek out of this line of work is to give them a frozen memory in a fast moving life.

This family. A combination of 2 that end up being 5 pretty cool kids. Who also, may I add, when all on a tree swing together, will bring said swing down. (just one of my favorite memories of this shoot).



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