Yearly Archives: 2008

Fall was only a few weeks ago.

As cold as it is today, its hard to think that fall was still only a few weeks ago!..or at least the leftovers of it. This family had the most wonderful location with the greatest red barn and hidden behind was still a tree with all its fall leaves to play in – what fun […]

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Within the last month, I’ve received 2 different publications in the mail in which I’ve had work published in. Its always excited and rewarding to see your photographs published in a magazine or book. Over the last few years I’ve been shooting different projects for Nikon. I’ve done various jobs using their D40, some Coolpix […]

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watching them grow…

I have several clients that have been coming to me since newborns… this little guy since – well, in his momma’s belly! I love to watch my clients grow. I love this little guy and we always have a great time together AND he’s going to be a big bro soon!!! yay yay!!!!

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I’m not sure who. but someone magically turned 5 overnight is quite amazed how that can just happen! and has been shouting to the sky all morning! someone is amazed that he is now not afraid of his wall-e spin toothbrush and can now magically read (or pretends pretty good) someone is amazed that now […]

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just a stroll through town

…and dressed sooo adorable! When I first arrived the girls were a bit shy, so with a few comfort items (the stuffed animals) we took some shots in the yard before heading downtown to the donut shop and nice brisk fall walk. When you are dressed in GORGEOUS MATILDA JANE girls clothing – and getting […]

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